Thursday, October 30, 2008


Nash was good and cold. I flew in load in day, which was nice.  The show went alright, no major dramas.  The highlight was seeing old friend Drew Harris.  We had time to catch up on life and really have a good conversation on a lot of things in life and God.  There really is a lot of mystery to God and it's interesting as to when to know where to leave it be a mystery and where you want answers from  Him.  There is a problem about the Origin of Evil that doesn't sit well with me and it really skews the way that I interpret God.  It is so refreshing to have actual real conversations on topics like this.  Also he told me that they are working on making gasoline out of algae.  How in the world that happens I cannot comprehend.  I love being around people that are smarter than I. 

First night out to dinner.

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