Saturday, January 24, 2009

C'est Magnific.

Viola.  Hair is gone.  10" to Locks of Love and a Frenchy new cut. I, of course, look quite different.

This is when my hair grows out a bit.  I wanted to start short.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are You Kidding ME?

This is impeccable.  And Those Eyes.  Gentlemen please start dressing like Gentlemen (Every once in a while at least.)

If you know what's good for you..... would check these out these sites.

1. NYC style & happenings:
2. On-line magazine with good vintage sources:
3. The Unsurpassable Barneys:
4. Parker Young's blog:
5. NY Times Magazine:

As you might have guessed I have NY on the brain.  Missing it.  Love the photo taken by Logan.

FOUND Fashion Show

Recently participated in a fashion for a new Vintage Shop called Found.  The girls that just opened the store are pretty fabulous:* Amy & Rachel*  A few shots from the show.  The Red Head is my friend Crystal...who looked ravishing, but took a mighty effort to undo the beehive.

We had already changed out so we missed all the fun shots in the street!

Hair Today. Gone Tomorrow.

Tres Corny. I know.  Tomorrow this whole mass of hair will be gone.  I am excited for it and anxious at the same time.  I am quite thrilled to be giving 10 inches of my hair to Locks of Love.    www.Locksof  I am very ready to be out with the old and in with the new.  It was nice while it lasted.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

As of Late....

~ Found a few really inspiring worship albums:
----- Charlie Hall "The Bright Sadness"
----- Brandon Heath "What If We"
----- Robbie Seay Band "Give Yourself Away"

~ In HEAVY Rotation:  Not much new, but some golden older albums:
----- Copeland "You Are My Sunshine"
----- Kings of Leon "Because of the Times"
----- The Kooks "Inside In, Inside Out"
----- The Postal Service "Give Up"

~ Baking & Sewing
----- If you would have told me a year ago that I would have been even remotely interested in these things I would have told you that you that you had done lost your mind.
----- Baked Banana Bread.  Turned out to be a disaster.  My first time.  Didn't add enough bananas.
----- Made fresh squeezed Orange Juice.  Ridiculous.  Takes so long.
----- Making head way with producing a solid hem.  I can do a hem from beginning to end.  Lots to learn.

~ Estate Sales
----- Found some great items at sales today.  On the look out for nice, well fitting, medium to dark leather boots.

~ Babysitting
----- Yup with no job I have been filling in with this.  Being so available during the day make me quite popular.
----- Do not want to make a career out of this.  But helping me get by right now.  
----- A God send.

~ Hawaii
----- Still can't believe I am going: For Free & Getting Paid.  Whaaaa........
----- Body not quite ready to be in a bathing suit.  Need to get on it.

~ The Keys
----- Friends Beth, Nathan & Ethan moved back to Orlando from Seattle.
----- I win.

~ Fashion Week
----- Is COMING!!!  It's not til Feb, but I am getting excited.
----- I want to work it during the Fall shows, so I don't want to forget.


Lately I have had a few key conversation.  They have been very revealing for me.  I am learning about confrontation.  Some things I have been learning about is what I believe and standards I keep to and how to interact with those around me in the most Christ honoring position.  I also heard in a message to "Hold to your convictions, but hold them humbly."  Be open to a different opinion and be open to changing mine if it isn't God best, but just more comfortable for me. Being open to what God is doing in others is what I want to be sensitive.  I have been growing into having courage to say what I feel God is putting on my heart with those I care about and learning to love despite differences of opinions.  I feel I have become closer to the persons that I have had a little bit raw confrontations with.  This does not come easy by me, but I haven't died from the experiences, although I am glad when they are done.  So hopefully with time these will get more frequent for me, so more of what I can't see can be revealed and hopefully made better! 

More Leu

Leu Gardens in one of my most favorite places in all the places I have been.  It feels safe.  So here are some more images of the beauty and creativeness of God.  Words seem trite to describe the Glorious designs of nature. I mean how many ways different ways can you think of to create a flower.  Genius.

You Should Have Seen the Pavement.

I took my first minor spill on my roommates' bike recently. It was not quite a graceful fall and I must have looked hilarious going down.  I was in the right hand lane and there was a bus stopped in front of me so I went around and coming back into the right lane I caught a weird pothole at a weird angle.  I was wearing leggings so it wasn't as bad as it could of been.  But the best part about it was the orange sized bruise that you can't see in the picture.  It turned lovely shades of purple, green and yellow.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Domestic Bliss

I can't quite tell you how much I enjoy living with this lovely lady.

P & P

Dearest friends Pete & Parker had a birthday about a week ago and I thought this was too cute not to post.  Glad to have both in my life.

Unique Beauty

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wise List

Things I want to accomplish in 2009:

~ Find a Bike
~ Go to the Doctor
~ Learn to sew a decent hem
~ Find a job
~ Make Ebay selling legit
~ Fix/Get a new car
~ Go on a mission trip
~ Read more books
~ Spend time with Mary Beth

~ Blind Trust in God
~ Become a better Friend
~ Love people that I don't like
~ Like more people
~ Be comfortable around the destitute
~ Be more courageous about sharing Christ 


"I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing."  Ezekiel 34:26

So this was the verse for Jan 8th the day after I found out that I was going to Hawaii.  It is, of course, spot on as to what I was feeling about the miracle of going.  But the interesting thing is God's timing.  I had looked at the verse the day before as a preview for the next day.  I had thought not many pleasant thoughts about this verse, because the day before I was not being showered with blessings.  Things have been pretty tough lately, not to mention very tight with money.  So it was such a blessing to know that I was going to Hawaii.  Not only because it's Hawaii, but because it is a double show and I will be able to pay my bills and pay off some of my debt.  This is so huge for me as I had to be totally relying on God.  I felt I have been going through a dark time in life the past month or so.   In my life I have noticed that when it rains, it pours and when it's dry it's REALLY dry.  I know this to be true and during this time lately it was like I was banging my head against the wall.  I would pray day after day and nothing was happening.  It reminds me of the time in Daniel when he prayed and the Lord said when you prayed I sent the answer immediately, but it took three weeks to get there.  So I want to be able to see the purpose of when God provides the things that we need.  I, of course, want everything right now, but I guess I know that He knows best as to when is the right timing for me.  I want to continue to believe that God is like a Father who loves to give good gifts to His Children and that HE has the ultimate and best for me.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I had already made up my mind that I wasn't going.  So left this matter in the trust of God.  Got a call yesterday to say that I am going.  I am going for work and I leave in less than a month. 

Monday, January 5, 2009

Three Contenders.

New hair is around the corner.  These are the three contenders that I have

1. Not quite this short but the bangs with more of a longer bob.

2. Yep I am going to look exactly Rhianna.  Prob not but this type of bob.  Then maybe graduate to bangs.....
3.  The classic bob.....which I think is going to be big in 2009.

Fashion Fades. Style Remains.

What a great and interesting palette of pales. Hard to do (the interesting part.)  Done very well.
Love this mix of hipster and class.  Done very well.  Plus I love the bike snuck in there.

Friday, January 2, 2009

I am guilty.

Wake up, believers, from your lowly condition!  Throw away your laziness, sluggishness, coldness, or whatever is interfering with your pure love for Christ.  Make Him the Source, the Center, and the One who encompasses every delight of your soul.  Refuse to be satisfied any longer with your meager accomplishments.  Aspire to a higher, a nobler, and a fuller life.  Upward to heaven!  Nearer to God! Charles H. Spurgeon