Saturday, January 17, 2009


Lately I have had a few key conversation.  They have been very revealing for me.  I am learning about confrontation.  Some things I have been learning about is what I believe and standards I keep to and how to interact with those around me in the most Christ honoring position.  I also heard in a message to "Hold to your convictions, but hold them humbly."  Be open to a different opinion and be open to changing mine if it isn't God best, but just more comfortable for me. Being open to what God is doing in others is what I want to be sensitive.  I have been growing into having courage to say what I feel God is putting on my heart with those I care about and learning to love despite differences of opinions.  I feel I have become closer to the persons that I have had a little bit raw confrontations with.  This does not come easy by me, but I haven't died from the experiences, although I am glad when they are done.  So hopefully with time these will get more frequent for me, so more of what I can't see can be revealed and hopefully made better!