Saturday, January 17, 2009

As of Late....

~ Found a few really inspiring worship albums:
----- Charlie Hall "The Bright Sadness"
----- Brandon Heath "What If We"
----- Robbie Seay Band "Give Yourself Away"

~ In HEAVY Rotation:  Not much new, but some golden older albums:
----- Copeland "You Are My Sunshine"
----- Kings of Leon "Because of the Times"
----- The Kooks "Inside In, Inside Out"
----- The Postal Service "Give Up"

~ Baking & Sewing
----- If you would have told me a year ago that I would have been even remotely interested in these things I would have told you that you that you had done lost your mind.
----- Baked Banana Bread.  Turned out to be a disaster.  My first time.  Didn't add enough bananas.
----- Made fresh squeezed Orange Juice.  Ridiculous.  Takes so long.
----- Making head way with producing a solid hem.  I can do a hem from beginning to end.  Lots to learn.

~ Estate Sales
----- Found some great items at sales today.  On the look out for nice, well fitting, medium to dark leather boots.

~ Babysitting
----- Yup with no job I have been filling in with this.  Being so available during the day make me quite popular.
----- Do not want to make a career out of this.  But helping me get by right now.  
----- A God send.

~ Hawaii
----- Still can't believe I am going: For Free & Getting Paid.  Whaaaa........
----- Body not quite ready to be in a bathing suit.  Need to get on it.

~ The Keys
----- Friends Beth, Nathan & Ethan moved back to Orlando from Seattle.
----- I win.

~ Fashion Week
----- Is COMING!!!  It's not til Feb, but I am getting excited.
----- I want to work it during the Fall shows, so I don't want to forget.

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