Friday, October 30, 2009


Reading: In Cold Blood by Truman Capote who ironically enough wrote Breakfast at Tiffany's (my favorite movie). Capote created the writing genre of True Crime with this book. Writing about true events in the format of a novel. Revolutionary at the time. It is the chilling tale of murder and exposing the humans that have digressed to this point. Also to be read in conjunction with the movie Capote that won the Oscar for best movie in 2007, and rightfully so. His most famous quote, "Some of God's greatest blessings are unanswered prayers."
Watching: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Loved it. Such an interesting take on the Holocaust. Though the eyes of a little boy, whose father is running one of the extermination camps, almost in their back yard. He is unaware of what is going on. As he starts learning the story of the Jews he tries to process the reality and propaganda through the mind of an innocent child. The music and cinematography are amazing, let alone the acting.
Listening: Crista Black. Will change you. A little. She is the wife of a friend of mind. She is also the violinist for the Jonas Brothers and is currently on tour in South America. I have been listening to God Loves Ugly all this week. Being encouraged that God sees me in ways that I can't see myself. His line of sight is exponentially farther than mine. And he has the ability to see the beautiful when all I can see is the Ugly. Please look her up.

Pulled Together

Loves it.

6 Cities

This month was the record for the most Get Motivated Events for me in one month:
Cincinnati, OH
Denver, CO
Springfield, MO
Hershey, PA
Ft. Worth, FX
Charlotte, NC

God gave energy and grace to last the long days of work and travel.
Grateful for work, but miss my home.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

3 things:

3 things that today made an impression on me:

1. I have great and profuse words for parents who verbally abuse their children. All children will act like children most of the time.

2. My toenail on my big toe was ripped off tonight. That definitely made a big impression on me. (I did not cry)

3. I got to surprise my lovely friend Stephanie Kyle with her 30th Birthday Gifts! Giving gifts give me more joy that receiving ever could.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


To my Dad: Who is the best. I wish all the greatest things for him on his birthday, which started about an hour ago.

He is patient and kind. Slow to anger: didn't even freak out when I totaled his car (about 10 years ago).

Loves to laugh & has a steady stream of Dad jokes. Will tell them at any given moment, no matter if you want to hear them or not :]

Has a heart for the hurting and the willingness to serve. Glad to have him make me into a better person.

I LOVE you Dad. Glad to have you around for all these 63 years.

Your Favorite Daughter (Groan)

My Life.

~ Airports of the bane of my existence.
~ Working a ton. A blessing, but also Not.
~ Being the bigger person...Well I wish it were easier.
~ 30 Rock is the best show in a LONG time.
~ Project Runway, while still entertaining, is whack in it's judging.
~ Need to join a gym. I don't like this love handle thing. It feels like a love drawer. Stuffed.
~ Car is imminently dying.
~ Without spell check I would be a horrible speller.
~ My heart breaks a little when I get voicemails from my 92 year old grandmother that I can't quite comprehend.
~ Had a picnic with a 3 year old today & loved it.
~ Desperately needing some new music.
~ Miss brother James: still traveling the world. Kinda jealous/kinda not.
~ Getting excited about the cool(er) weather.
~ Needing a new suitcase & boots.

Words of the Wise

~~~The World is a Book
~~~And Those that Don't Travel
~~~Only Read One Page.

St. Augustine


Life is good. After being on the road for more than 2 weeks. The night I come home Jana spent hours making a HOME COOKED meal! It wasn't necessarily in my honor, but it was just what I needed and it was delicious. A few good friends joined to eat the almost Thanksgiving dinner like meal. It was so perfect and I don't mind if I say that I had 3rds on the sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top.

Thank you Jana.

Good Morning. At the Airport.

The Sloans

Visited long time friends Sarah, Brandy, Jesse, Olivia, Jana, and now Selah Sloan in Akron/Canton Ohio. The area was quite beautiful (when not raining). Was so cold I had to buy a ginormous coat. Did a lot of sleeping, eating & catching up on Television. So like a mini vacation except not. Glad to finally see my friends again.

No need to do that....
Highlight of trip was most definitely driving out to Amish Country and then eating at a legit Amish place called "Das Dutch Kitchen" Yes Please Most Definitely please pass the Dutch. It was all kinds of amazing. And, like always, I almost ate myself into a coma.

And it came with a faux buggy for our picture taking purposes.


Colors that only cool air can bring. Ohio was such a array of changing colors. I think friends I was with got really sick of hearing me saying it.


-ning. So crisp & classic.


AAAaaaahhhhhhh.........I LOVE this place & I am not quite sure why I don't pick up & move there. After about a month of working every single day but 2 I took off for Savannah for two WHOLE days. Got to see dear friend Lauranne, roadtrip it with dearest friend Whit, and make new friends: Jake, Wyatt & Andy! The weather could not have been more agreeable & relished the idea of having no agenda & doing nothing. Also surprise visit from long time HS friend Kamarie & her two (adorabe) boys.

I wish to return immediately.
This place is full of some much history. If I weren't so lame and thrifty/had more time I would probably take one of these tours. I like to learn.
The magic is in the these marvelous little mini parks that are in the middle of almost every intersection. With grandiose trees, etc, etc...ready for reading & a game of catch.
SCAD resides here. The overpriced school that add all the charm & creativeness to the area.
Ah what a place.

The Paris Market

Yes. I will write about a store. Not because I like consumerism, but because I love creativeness. Why can't all things be done with great design and good taste. This store is a little bit magical.
Preach it.
A setting I would like to dine in.
I hope they are all filled with Love Letters.
Who nose?
If you are ever in Savannah please do your self a favor and visit this place. Even for a walk about. And maybe a piece of old school candy.

The Glow of a Sunset in a Room that is Not Mine.

Friday, October 2, 2009


He has the same BAG that I do.
I wouldn't care so much, but it is my constant companion.
He must have good taste.

Clever & Cheeky.

And the Belt is Brilliant.