Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm Happy. Tired and Happy. Transitioning into life as I know it now is different. This is a hardest/best job I have ever had. I absolutely love it. Working long hours day after day. I don't know how regular people do it. It's 95% work and 5% easy. I wear so so many hats and have acquired this feeling that there is always more to be done. Which I don't like. I am learning to take better care of myself. Making sure that I have a Sabbath Rest at least once a week. Eating well(ish,) exercising (yoga & swimming) and (almost) daily time in the Word or SITD. I have a lot to juggle and people to manage. I have moments of feeling overwhelmed which is my downfall at the moment, but for the most part I am enjoying life and feel like I am doing what I need to be doing. I know that life is not about the easy. And in reality my life is very easy. I have set it up that way and sometimes feel guilty and think that maybe the Hard is right around the I better enjoy it while it lasts. Which I think is from the Enemy of our souls.

I trust GOD and he reminds me that he has a better plan and if I would just open my hand, He in His time will bring all things Good.

Blessed am I. And I feel it.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Time to Remember

This past month or so I have been thinking about how much this past year has brought and the change for the good. I have a vivid rememberance of Jan. 09. Work was sparse and the worry of how I was going to pay my bills was heavy. As always God provided a way. It turned out to be the busiest year of work yet. God provided above and beyond. And now I find myself in the same place (sort of.) I am still scraping together a living, but it's a different feeling. I have learned time and again the faithfulness of my Creator. I had $1.86 in my checking account at the beginning of this month (I am desperately trying to not touch my savings) and I don't have a guarantee of paying my rent. And I knew that is how it would be. And now that time is here. But it is not with worry that I come before my Provider. It's not the same feeling. I feel Loved and Well Taken care of....even when I don't see the horizon and beyond. I still don't have what I need to pay my bills, but I know whom I believe in and what He is capable of. It's Freeing.

Oh How He Loves US.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time to Count Time

I procrastinated SO much that I never got around to getting a calendar for 2009. So, alas, I am going to get one for 2010. Here are a few I found. Not practical, but very cool.

Monday, January 4, 2010

So Precious.

More to Come, but One of my Favorites.
John right before Lee Anne came down the aisle.
Just Glowing.

Love Bugs

John & Lee Anne. Get Married. Some Engagement Photos of the Couple.

Get Ready.

Good Morning:

The Heavens opened on us. It hasn't poured like that for a Forever time.
Jess Bennett on the 8mm Film Camera.
Brent the Videographer.
Getting Ready!!
Double Fisted.

Rehersal Dinner

John was a gettin Married. So we had a little time to Celebrate them and some good eats at Anthony's Pizza in Downtown Orlando. A little Cozy and some technical difficulties but a good night none the less.

Roquemore Christmas 2009

This Christmas was kinda a strange one to be sure. Different maybe is a better word. The highlights for me were actually before and after Christmas. Christmas Eve was the best/worst. We had a Really Fantastic Homecooked Spread for Dinner with the Whole family and John's Fiancee Lee Anne. It was so Delicious and Delightful to be together. Worst part about it was earlier in the day, rushing around I Fell and twisted my knee. No big deal I thought at the time but a few hours later, right as dinner was starting, I couldn't stand on it. I had to be carried the rest of the night and on Christmas Day: crutches. So dumb. I do have many admirable qualities but I seem to be accident prone. Which I don't appreciate at all.
This is after the swelling had gone down 50%.
Hanging out on Christmas Eve.

For Christmas we packed up and drove to Lakeland to see my Grandmother who is almost 93 and had Christmas lunch in her Dining Hall which is nice, I guess, but I don't fancy it. We exchanged gifts at her place and hung out for a while. After we drove home, made some sweet sandwiches and watched ELF. Pretty chill. Things were pretty low key as the Wedding was the main focus of Life.
The other highlight of Christmas was the morning after. My Brother Brian (as seen above) made a feast of a Brunch for the Family. He is such a chef. Loves cooking and is so good at it. Scrambled eggs w tomatoes, sauteed onions, and sharp cheddar cheese. Homemade waffles & Biscuits. Bacon & Pears. Orange Juice & Apple Cider. Thanks BJ.

Collected Images

That I like as of late.


Two mag covers I Really Liked from 2009.