Monday, January 18, 2010

A Time to Remember

This past month or so I have been thinking about how much this past year has brought and the change for the good. I have a vivid rememberance of Jan. 09. Work was sparse and the worry of how I was going to pay my bills was heavy. As always God provided a way. It turned out to be the busiest year of work yet. God provided above and beyond. And now I find myself in the same place (sort of.) I am still scraping together a living, but it's a different feeling. I have learned time and again the faithfulness of my Creator. I had $1.86 in my checking account at the beginning of this month (I am desperately trying to not touch my savings) and I don't have a guarantee of paying my rent. And I knew that is how it would be. And now that time is here. But it is not with worry that I come before my Provider. It's not the same feeling. I feel Loved and Well Taken care of....even when I don't see the horizon and beyond. I still don't have what I need to pay my bills, but I know whom I believe in and what He is capable of. It's Freeing.

Oh How He Loves US.

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