Saturday, February 20, 2010


It's here Again! Do Come.


....this is all I want in my day. I am coming off a week of feeling extremely tired. It ended this past wed, but the week before that was annoying. I just couldn't shake the feeling of exhaustion. I had troubles getting out of bed. Several days I had to take a nap to get by. I am feeling a bit better now. PTL. I think it may have been a combo of things? So now you know my sleeping troubles. Cheers. :]

Photo: Hedi Slimane

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bon Anniversaire

It's been a YEAR! Amazing. So thrilled to be doing what I love. I have been learning, growing, stretching beyond the comfortable, but I believe it's all worth it.


Favorite Image in a LONG time.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Of. Late.

~ Tired.
~ Listening: Yacht- Psychic City Like it was My JOB. I wish it were my job.
~ Reading: The Cost of Discipleship. Very Slowly. It's loaded and sobering.
~ Watching: The Constant Gardener. LOVED it. Rachel Weisz is incredible.
~ Working on Working Out. This week hasn't afforded much time.
~ Interviews for OPP are popping up. Last week did one for the UCF paper The FUTURE. More on that soon.
~ Another one for a Local Arts & Culture Blog on Monday.
~ Not going to lie. I'd like a WARM day. But glad to be out of the Extreme Snow and Freezingness of DC.
~ I lost something MAJOR this week and am in mourning. I had a gold and Ruby (my birthstone) ring given to me from my Grandma Gemma. I think I lost it at the Gym. I am still trying to figure out how it happened. I am incredibly Sad about it. I wore it everyday on my ring finger. A reminder of what an incredible and strong woman my Grandmother was (she passed away last year) and of the Faithfulness of Christ and His Affection towards me. I feel naked without it. I keep looking for it in the place I keep it and it's not there. Sad.
~ Lee Mc Queen killed himself this week. How devastating. One of a Kind designer and deeply private person. I pray over his soul.
~ Loads of good coming for OPP. Loads of Work.
~ Tues Night Life w friends is stellar. I'm sharing this week on the Persecuted Church. I REALLY enjoy being w these people and learning from/with them. Plus GOOD food. Last week was home made lasagna. Including the sauce.
~ Humbled by my luxury. So many go without. Even simple things like an ID card, a meal (even one a day), clean water, some that cares, a car and shelter. With this freezing weather in Orlando I have had a heavy heart for those that don't have a warm place to lay their head.
~ It's Valentine's Day. And I feel nothing. Not Sad. Not Hopeful. Strange. God is Love. I know this to be TRUE.

Holy BLUE Eyes

I don't know if you can see that well here, but this guy has got some seriously gorgeous eyes. Maybe it's just Photoshop. click on the photo to get a bigger picture.

Also Great style, but bad habits.

The Story of Stuff

I really recommend watching this very informative and fast pace 20 minute video about American consumption. It follows the story how we get things from natural resources to when they are discarded back in the Earth. A great way to learn the impact our consumerism is having on our Planet and offers simple steps to Help.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Rather Nice

Met Dan Rather at the Prayer Breakfast. Smiling is not my you can see. He was such a Gentleman/Grandpa...and now looks so old.

National Prayer Breakfast

Came to VA this year for the National Prayer Breakfast. What a lovely/encouraging time. It is incredible to hear what God is doing the World OVER. He is Master planner, provider, life-giving and most of all LOVER.

DC is an incredible place to be. Most everyone there is thinking about the MACRO picture, while I am more into my MICRO life. So many that you meet are CEO of this, Working for this NGO, a part of our Government, super-star Celebrity or Presiding over lots of important things. I must admit to having to remind myself that God made me: Dana, exactly how He wanted me and what I do is just as important, wether I am affecting one person or a hundred million people.

Heard some incredible speakers. Ate ridiculously good food. Met an insane amount of people. Thanks to my Dad: Brian Grady Roquemore. A Best Dad to me.

On a side note. First year the White House was in charge (for what reason I know not) of appointing the Keynote speaker and Guest List. The Keynote was supposed to be the Dalai Lama. And a lot of regular Christian Leaders were un-invited. Huh. This is a Christian Event. This would be the first time that the Keynote would be a non believer in Jesus Christ as Savior. He couldn't make it at the last minute so Hillary Clinton stepped in. Who know if she is a believer: only God can judge, but her speech was SO jammed packed with Religious BullS**t I could hardly listen. Talking about how all religions aim for the same thing and all have good points and are all pointing to the same thing. The Same thing my Arse. There is an Enemy in this World. Do not be fooled.

Overall a most lovely time. Seeing old Friends. Meeting New Ones. Also glad to have brother James with me. Great for inside jokes and the waiting while my Dad is talking to every last person possible.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


After Prayer Breakfast: Two days straight of SNOW. So marvelous. At night, with all things quiet, I sat by the window and watched the snow fall for hours. Precious time with God.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

For Laiza

This what you mean? Saw these at my favorite place in Savannah: The Paris Market!

Peter Nathan

If there were ever a rating for Sisters I am the worst: Peter's birthday was 4 days ago. So a bit late in coming.

Pete turned 20 and had a birthday in Miami!! No longer a teenager and has turned into quite the young Gentleman.....well ladies man at least.

Incredibly smart, artistic, handsome and insane dancer.
God's good plan for this one is going to be epic.

Happy Bird-day Pete.