Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meeting Me Today

So I'm looking for a job. I quit GMS (more on that later). And it has been eerily smooth. I have had a company contact me already and today I am going in to meet with them. But I have this immense peace about God being my provider. I am open to hear about this new job, but part of me doesn't even want to jump into work again. It has been nice having a bit of time off from GMS this month, but even then it has seemed like a steady stream of things to do. I hope to actually have some down time to rest.

I have mostly felt of ok about trusting God for what the next steps are, but over the last day or so have had a few moments of second guessing myself....and of just not wanting to have a job at all. God gave me some verses this morning that could not have been described right where I am. So beautiful.

Show me the Path where I should go, O Lord; point out the right road for me to walk. ps. 25: 4
Lead me; teach me; for you are the God who gives me salvation. I have no hope except in you. ps. 25:5
Where is the man who fears the Lord? God will teach him how to choose the BEST. ps. 25: 12

She wants to be like me.


Dana goes to the Farm

This is the first time I have been riding in quite some time. My soon to be old roommate is a horse Trainer. She is extremely knowledged in all things Dressage. She took me out to one of her farms and let me ride.

This was my horse Jolie. Who is the slowest being on the face of the planet.
Cleaning out the hooves. Can you believe I am doing this!?
Look at that posture. It is not as easy as it looks.
So fun.
Slow I mean so slow. Megan was walking much faster than Jolie was going. Except here when Megan got out the whip.

Fashion for the Swine Flu

And for everyday going to the grocery store, taking kids to the park, etc.

That Philip. He's so Hot right now.

This is actually a sketch of a very talented jewelry designer. Philip Crangi. HE is pretty legit.

I have Beautiful Friends

Photos by: Matt Addington

Pete & Jeanette get Married!

Two of the most fabulous people I know decided to love each other for LIFE! They had a most lovely ceremony (or so I heard) over looking the water in St. Petersburg FL. One little misstep in the directions got us Uber lost and completely missed the ceremony, which I guess was short and sweet, but glad to celebrate the couple at the reception. Which was incredibly beautiful as the sun was setting. So many friends old and new gathered together was incredible and always a good reminder of how blessed I am. Dancing by Parker. Stellar.

I LOVE you two.

A Glimpse

is all it takes. I love this.

LAST Swap & Shop of the Year.

Do Come.
It will be a Jolly time.

Friday, November 13, 2009


~James' birthday was yesterday. 22 years of blessing the Roquemore's with his existence. Lucky us. Also just returned from 10 weeks all over Europe. Had impromptu Movie night, Apples to Apples games & more ice cream/brownies with friends and family for him.
~Saw the most BORING movie in a very very long time (since The Informant) last night: Men Who Stare at Goats. Do yourself a favor, save yourself money and more importantly time, and skip it.
~But did just see Into the Wild and loved it. Epic music & story, although tragic.
~LOVE, love, love being home. Although feels like not a moment free since I've been off work.
~Joined a gym and have been running and swimming laps. Hurts so good. Also weigh more than I have in forever.
~Patience w/ my mother is so thin lately. Need help.
~"Against all HOPE, Abraham in Hope believed." (Romans 4:18) Needs to be my life motto.

Oh So True

Happiness is only REAL when shared.
Into the Wild