Friday, November 13, 2009


~James' birthday was yesterday. 22 years of blessing the Roquemore's with his existence. Lucky us. Also just returned from 10 weeks all over Europe. Had impromptu Movie night, Apples to Apples games & more ice cream/brownies with friends and family for him.
~Saw the most BORING movie in a very very long time (since The Informant) last night: Men Who Stare at Goats. Do yourself a favor, save yourself money and more importantly time, and skip it.
~But did just see Into the Wild and loved it. Epic music & story, although tragic.
~LOVE, love, love being home. Although feels like not a moment free since I've been off work.
~Joined a gym and have been running and swimming laps. Hurts so good. Also weigh more than I have in forever.
~Patience w/ my mother is so thin lately. Need help.
~"Against all HOPE, Abraham in Hope believed." (Romans 4:18) Needs to be my life motto.

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