Sunday, February 14, 2010


Of. Late.

~ Tired.
~ Listening: Yacht- Psychic City Like it was My JOB. I wish it were my job.
~ Reading: The Cost of Discipleship. Very Slowly. It's loaded and sobering.
~ Watching: The Constant Gardener. LOVED it. Rachel Weisz is incredible.
~ Working on Working Out. This week hasn't afforded much time.
~ Interviews for OPP are popping up. Last week did one for the UCF paper The FUTURE. More on that soon.
~ Another one for a Local Arts & Culture Blog on Monday.
~ Not going to lie. I'd like a WARM day. But glad to be out of the Extreme Snow and Freezingness of DC.
~ I lost something MAJOR this week and am in mourning. I had a gold and Ruby (my birthstone) ring given to me from my Grandma Gemma. I think I lost it at the Gym. I am still trying to figure out how it happened. I am incredibly Sad about it. I wore it everyday on my ring finger. A reminder of what an incredible and strong woman my Grandmother was (she passed away last year) and of the Faithfulness of Christ and His Affection towards me. I feel naked without it. I keep looking for it in the place I keep it and it's not there. Sad.
~ Lee Mc Queen killed himself this week. How devastating. One of a Kind designer and deeply private person. I pray over his soul.
~ Loads of good coming for OPP. Loads of Work.
~ Tues Night Life w friends is stellar. I'm sharing this week on the Persecuted Church. I REALLY enjoy being w these people and learning from/with them. Plus GOOD food. Last week was home made lasagna. Including the sauce.
~ Humbled by my luxury. So many go without. Even simple things like an ID card, a meal (even one a day), clean water, some that cares, a car and shelter. With this freezing weather in Orlando I have had a heavy heart for those that don't have a warm place to lay their head.
~ It's Valentine's Day. And I feel nothing. Not Sad. Not Hopeful. Strange. God is Love. I know this to be TRUE.

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