Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Life.

~ Airports of the bane of my existence.
~ Working a ton. A blessing, but also Not.
~ Being the bigger person...Well I wish it were easier.
~ 30 Rock is the best show in a LONG time.
~ Project Runway, while still entertaining, is whack in it's judging.
~ Need to join a gym. I don't like this love handle thing. It feels like a love drawer. Stuffed.
~ Car is imminently dying.
~ Without spell check I would be a horrible speller.
~ My heart breaks a little when I get voicemails from my 92 year old grandmother that I can't quite comprehend.
~ Had a picnic with a 3 year old today & loved it.
~ Desperately needing some new music.
~ Miss brother James: still traveling the world. Kinda jealous/kinda not.
~ Getting excited about the cool(er) weather.
~ Needing a new suitcase & boots.

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