Thursday, October 22, 2009


AAAaaaahhhhhhh.........I LOVE this place & I am not quite sure why I don't pick up & move there. After about a month of working every single day but 2 I took off for Savannah for two WHOLE days. Got to see dear friend Lauranne, roadtrip it with dearest friend Whit, and make new friends: Jake, Wyatt & Andy! The weather could not have been more agreeable & relished the idea of having no agenda & doing nothing. Also surprise visit from long time HS friend Kamarie & her two (adorabe) boys.

I wish to return immediately.
This place is full of some much history. If I weren't so lame and thrifty/had more time I would probably take one of these tours. I like to learn.
The magic is in the these marvelous little mini parks that are in the middle of almost every intersection. With grandiose trees, etc, etc...ready for reading & a game of catch.
SCAD resides here. The overpriced school that add all the charm & creativeness to the area.
Ah what a place.

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