Monday, October 20, 2008

Jenna's Day/St. Augustine

Good friend Jenna is getting married in a few days.  Last weekend we had a "party" on Friday in Orlando, which I attended a little of and Sat headed up to St. Augustine.  I have been there several times and it is just So beautiful.  It was really grand to be that group of girls.  We haven't all been together for a while.


-I almost broke Kate's foot a moment later.
- Quite a sight. 9 amazing beautiful women traveling together.  We did get a few invites. yikes.
-Between the Trees
-Happy Hippies
-Put your back into it. Thank you.
-Evening stroll. Nothing better.
-The D Team.

-Touche Jenna Dey.
-More walking.
-Breezy weather + no schedule + amazing company = The Perfect Day.
-St. Augustine reminds me of Old San Juan Puerto Rico.

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