Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Counterfeiters

The Counterfeiters.  What an incredible film.  It won the Academy Award for the best foreign film.  It is truly a well made film.  The story is pretty remarkable.  A Jew was the top counterfeiter in German.  He was working on counterfeiting the Dollar when he was busted.  He was later sent to a concentration camp and was tapped to either do back breaking grueling work of the concentration camps or help the germans counterfeiter money.  The Germans were broke from the war so they began to work on The UK Pound.  The Jew was able to able to reproduce the Pound so perfectly that it was authenticated by the Bank of England.  They printed and proliferated so much of the Pound that it wiped out the economy of England.  Their next task was to master the dollar.  The Germans were out of money and needed the dollar to continue the Holocast.  They stalled and stalled for months.  By the time they actually handed of the dollar the Germans had been defeated.  It was said to be the largest counterfeiting effort of all times.   And because they stalled the Dollar for so long it helped end the war.  The acting was incredible and the film was made really well.  I would recommend a watch.

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