Saturday, September 27, 2008

Foolish for Fashion

Really? Wow. Really. Fashion cracks me up sometimes. It is funny what people will do in the name of fashion and I admit that from time to time I have give into trends that are ridiculous (i.e. pegging my pants in junior high, hideously tye-dyed shirts in the 90's, and a few years ago cutting up my tee shirt to hang off my shoulder) but somethings I (hope) I just won't do.  These are examples of what the h*ll are you thinking.  At least they are good for a laugh.
Are you trying to pass for a sheep?
Did you just pick up the rug off your floor and cut armholes in it?

And my favorite.....Do you realize that the crotch is below your knees?  I can't fathom that anyone finds this look attractive.

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