Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sheer Grandeur

I had quite a grand experience yesterday. I am live in Florida. So those in FL will quite understand what I am talking about. Around noonish I had lunch outside on the lanai. The heavens however were open and it was raining and I mean a storming. It was a great show. There was also an incredible lighting show. There was one that was a double hitter and was the loudest sound that I think I have ever heard. I resorted to plugging my ears after that in hopes to not become many of my friends claim that I am a bit deaf already...what I didn't hear that. But it I felt that it was just scratching the surface of how powerful God is. This storm was pretty fierce and it wasn't even a taste of what He can do. It reminds me of the situation b.w God and Moses, when Moses had to hide his face while God passed by and then he was still was shining for weeks. We could not handle it if God showed us what he is truly capable. But the thing is that He is capable of doing even grander things in my life if I would just trust in Him. But I still get discouraged by what I can see on the horizon. I am a work in progress what can I say.

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