Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I had such a grand time in Seattle. I stayed with my dear friends Beth and Nathan Key and their newest addition Ethan for a few days before work.  He is such a great non fussy baby.  And of course Beth is a great mom. Plus they got me hooked on House.  The acting is sometimes a bit weak, but the sarcastic banter is pretty fantastic.

 He likes fingers ALOT.
HE is a lady killer.
Seattle is absolutely so gorgeous.  I really really love this city.  I just happened to be there on one of the best days.  NO rain and NOT hot. A great combo.  It really does rain a ton there....that is why I don't think that I could live there. This day was quite clear and you could see Mt. Rainer (look closely to the right).  So incredibly beautiful.
Had a grand time with friend Derek Roth.  We drove all around Seattle and spent the evening in Ballard. Plus got to see my favorite shop: Blackbird.  Had a delicious dinner and even more delicious dessert. Homemade almost organic ice cream (is there any other dessert!?)  Unfortunately they did not mix.
The rest of time in Seattle.....was alright.  I wasn't feeling so great for part of it and for work I covered two positions instead of one.  So I have to say I killed it.  and I saw some dear friends...pete, tess, & dorian...I  just wish I could have spent more time with them, esp in such a great city. Seattle you are loved.

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