Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gator Bites

Yup. I had Gater Bites last night. My mother, father and brother John went out to dinner last night. We dined at the Black Hammock, which is actually about ten minutes from our house, but is right on Lake Jessup which is actually quite beautiful. It is really out in the middle of nowhere and has the feel of an out of the way diner. So my Dad ordered up some Gator Bites and I did eat some. It wasn't too bad...besides knowing it was alligator and not chicken. They were covered in Buffalo Sauce and dipped in Blue Cheese.... The ironical thing about it was that my dad had just caught a very small alligator in a retention pond in our neighborhood, (not the lake behind our house). And so they took it to Lake Jessup to release it, but a few night later we were eating the alligators out of that lake...Soooo Hmmmm.....

And then I went home and watched Jim Gaffigan. If you have not seen this you really of the best lines...Socks...You know I'm dying for you sins right.

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