Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sorry so long...

...since the last post. As of late.

~ Just was in Sacramento.  Cancelled flights. Very quick trip. Many hours worked.  Lots of great people to be around. Little sleep. In-N-Out Burger. Hurt my knee (again.)

~ Amy Brady Conference. Spent time with Mom. Such what I needed. Tons of scriptures. Sometimes a bit long in sitting.

~ Playing tennis again. Grand weather. Anyone game? 

~ Missing my camera.  There are some beautiful Apple Blossoms & Azaleas across the street.
~ About to have a new roommate move into tomorrow.  I still have not met her.  It was almost a debacle. Learning more about dealing with almost debacles. 

~ Loving life for the most part.  Starting to reanalyze the purpose of my life. Wanting my life to be less and His Glory to be more.

~ Had dinner with total strangers last night.  Such an interesting experience. 

~ Getting ready for a very busy March & Wedding season. Hope I will last through another one.

~ Need to find a new pair of jeans and flats.  I don't like this endeavor. I just want them to magically appear.

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