Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Roquemore Christmas

Christmas 08 was different in a lot of ways.
1. John was not home.  That was quite sad.  He was on a tour with Noomsa the non-profit that he is working for.  They were visiting different homeless ministry to see what works in serving the under resourced.  He sent letter to each of us with pictures, which was incredibly sweet.
2. I wasn't able to give gifts this year.  Which is my own fault because I have not found a job yet.  This was pretty sad for me, because I really love finding and giving things that people will really enjoy.
3. We had a feast.  My dad cooked a turkey and we prepared plenty of other goodness to eat.  We were not in want.
4. Mom put out a table full of her family Christmas cards and a bunch of her family pictures.  It was so amazing and my mom is the Cutest and the Nicest.
5. I received more than I thought I would from the parents.  Including a waffle maker, mom's old crock pot, two gift cards to restaurants, a whole lot of speciality foods that I love, Audrey Hepburn's Charade, and most importantly my cell phone bill.  I am truly blessed.
6. James was gone for chunks of the day on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day singing at Epcot.  So with John gone as well it felt a bit sparse and low key.
7. Alas we all had a good time together and I really felt the importance of what the reason for Christmas is really about.  I can't imagine life without LIGHT in it.  
8. Thank you God for entering into our world and limiting yourself in Jesus to be our Restoration. We are forever grateful.

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