Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dec 28th SITD

Sing a little song of trust,
O my heart!
Sing it because you must,
As leaves start;
As flowers push their way through dust;
Sing, my heart, because you must.

Wait not for an eager throng- 
Bird on bird;
It's the solitary song
That is heard.
Every voice at dawn will start, 
Be a nightingale, my heart!

Sing across the winter snow,
Pierce the could;
Sing when mists are drooping low--
Clear and loud;
But sing sweetest in the dark;
He who slumbers not will hark.

And when He hears you sing, He will bend down with a smile on His kind face.  As He cheerfully listens, He will say, "Sing on, dear child.  I hear you and I am coming to deliver you.  I will carry that load for you.  So just lean hard on Me, and the road will get smoother by and by."

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