Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mary Beth

Is one of my favorite people I have encountered in this life.  She has been my counselor for years.  If I had the funds I would go see her more often.  I often leave her presence feeling exhausted, lifted and wiser.

She joined my Tuesday night group and brought her kindness and wisdom once again.

Here are a few excerpts:

  • "What would you ask for if you knew God couldn't fail?" -Kate  Sometimes when we get everything that we want, that's when we're most unhappy.
    In order for God to show us that everything we want isn't going to satisfy us, He's going to give it to that we'll learn to look in another way.

  • God didn't create us to understand shame...not his plan, but after the garden, we got it.
    Not meant to carry it.

    We cope with shame through Jesus.  We must bring redemption into shame.

  • Pain was in the garden
    Pain won't destroy you, sin will.

    Pain lets you know something needs attention.
  • If God said no to sin he'd be saying no to free choice,
    which would desecrate his creation.
  • God has to interact with me through these circumstances...I can't stay up on this superspiritual happy shallow level with Him, I need to be able to understand the muck and the tragedy with Him and keep the connection going...

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