Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Since this blog is primarily for my remembrance and there's like 2 1/2 people who read this. I thought it it might be cathartic for me to list all of things I Love and all the things I'm Happy to be Leaving from GMS.

Love to Leave:

~Getting on an Airplane.
~4am wake up calls
~Hearing the words Red Bags, Invest or FS ever again.
~Setting up an event, in a tent, outside, in the Freezing cold.
~Any kind of GMS or WV email.
~Getting cut from a show.
~Going through Security.
~Any layover. Of any kind.
~The hour before the Invest Break when I wish it were over.
~Last minute phone calls/requests.
~Cancelled/delayed flights.
~Middle seats.
~Going somewhere cold.
~My feet at the end of the day.
~Hearing Tamara's voice.
~Getting yelled at.
~Getting attitude from the Media.
~Load-in Breakfast. Normally terrible.
~Radio farts and 5 year old jokes.
~The beginning of the day when I have to put my ear piece in.
~Mostly early GMS, the agonizing wait from when we are done til we can leave.
~Getting my things stolen in Hawaii.
~Leaving my bible in an airport, camera on a plane and countless things in my hotel room.
~Lobby call the day after the show.
~Never counting or numbering forms again.
~The idea of Hospitality Suite and Phil Town Questions.
~Talking with irate attendees.

Don't know if I will make it without:

~Post Show Dancing.
~Papa Aaronnd's
~Tamara's Sushi (I hope she's not reading this.)
~Clean Fresh Bath Tubs (this should be #1)
~Family Style Dinners with a large crew of GMS.
~Snorkeling in Hawaii.
~Seeing Colin Powell in the hall.
~Giving Laura Bush a booty bump.
~Running in different cities.
~Having my bed made for me.
~Getting to see places like Peoria or Moline, IL.
~Watching TV in a Hotel room.
~Pete's TB/end of day hat.
~Rick Nash's laugh.
~Working with my brothers.
~Rooming with SKY, TK, or HC.
~Eating at some of the most incredible places w the most incredible people.
~A sunrise on an airplane.
~The kindness of my co-workers.
~Dustin telling a story or joke (most.)
~Going to Canada.
~Eating Steak/Affording Steak.
~A free flight to NYC or anywhere.
~Kicking A** at my job.
~Dorian crashing a car into a hotel.
~Bi-plane ride in Alaska.
~The look of terror when our crew descends on a restaurant.
~Learning something new.
~Getting a Hand Shake from Rudy.
~Starbucks runs in the middle of a show.
~Getting an immediate paycheck.
~Working with the Great Hannah Newlin.
~Really Good Catering.
~Free food from the Green Rooms.
~Biggest moment in GMS history: Chatting with Bill Cosby, shaking his hand, him calling me by my name, and cracking jokes on me. Best day. Dr. Huxtable in the House.
~And Mostly seeing many many dear, kind, funny and special people every month.

The Good has mostly outweighed the Bad. I am forever grateful for GMS, but am so glad to be moving on.


Obsideo Corpus said...

so amazing!
i can recall some of those bad,
but those good ones are pretty amazing.

this made me laugh super much.haha

love you!

Shelby said...

Just for the record, I read your blog. :-)

mattyD said...

I hope that I am the 1/2 person that reads your blog.