Sunday, December 13, 2009

I quit.

It's True. I have resigned from Get Motivated Seminars. It would be so much fun to say I screamed and yelled and stormed out, but it was quite boring. I have been quite blessed to have all the opportunity and experience this company has provided. Although quite a challenge at times to work for. It's funny that I am leaving at a time when it is running as smoothly as it has ever been.

I am sad to leave behind the "family" I have grown to love over the last 4 1/2 years. They are some of my favoritest friends. I can vividly remember my first show in Grand Rapids, MI in June of 2005. After load-in the whole group went out to dinner and it was such a culture shock for me. There was a long table set for about 30 people and you could order whatever you wanted. And all these people seemed to really like each other. The rest is history.

Very Bitter/Sweet in the end, but I feel more confident than anything that I have made the right choice. I wasn't learning or growing and no longer had a desire to do so. I used to enjoy being on the road and doing shows, but now I just dread them. That is nowhere that I want to be.

SO here's to moving on. Live the Life you LOVE. Cheers.

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