Friday, December 18, 2009

BK BDay Dinner

Dinner with the best of Brian's Friends. Dickie, Sean Dey, Laiza, Sean Rogers, Me, Roommate Lee Jung and Jana. These are my favorite moments. Love & Laughter was abundant. I have to say I made a Kick Awesome Chicken and Black Bean Quesadilla with Sonny's Corn Salsa, Rice and Sour Cream sauce. After full stomaches, we had a most Ugly Face contest. Jana won with the Quadruple Chin. Laiza lost with her totally un-ugly face.

::We Love You Brian::


Obsideo Corpus said...

i think i might photoshop dickie and jana together with a pitchfork, emmulating a Grant Wood, American Gothic painting.
It would be the best!

DanaMarie said...

And the funniest/scariest. aaahhhhhhh.