Sunday, April 17, 2011

I see GOD.

I see GOD in so many things. I have often felt jealous of those who feel like they can "hear" audible things from God. I don't know that this has happened to me. I see/feel Him in many other ways. I woke up this morning from an extended sleep and felt like I wanted to count some of the ways I see/feel God. Please feel free to add your own.

...I feel God after I wake up for a good solid sleep and I feel rested.
...I feel God when I take long walks in the night, when it's cool and the moonlight is strong.
...I see Him in the generosity of my friends
...I see Him in the generosity of strangers
...I see Him in the faces and interactions with children
...I feel God when I hold my niece and am overwhelmed with love for her
...I feel loved by God when I sell OPP items
...I see God in the creativity that surrounds me
...I feel God when I look at art
...I see God in nature
...I feel God when I'm lost in worship
...I see God when I travel to different countries and see the diversity of cultures
...I feel the goodness of God when I eat a good meal
...I feel God when I'm alone
...I see the attributes of Him when I visit with friends
...I see the Creator God when I spend time inspecting flowers and gardens
...I feel Him when I'm at the ocean
...I see Him when I see people give selflessly of themselves for the benefit of others
...I see God in His faithfulness to His people throughout the ages
...I feel God's pleasure in something that is truly funny

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