Sunday, December 19, 2010

On the REAL:

~ For about the past week or so I have been having extreme troubles getting out of bed. I am not quite sure what it is: Depression? Coldness? Work ahead of me? Lazy time of year? I don't know what it is but it's pretty annoying. It's not tiredness b.c most days I sleep til I wake up.
~Heading to Nashville in a few days and I can't wait. Looking forward to a break. Although not looking forward to it being SO cold. Road Trip w brother BJ will be good for me. Seeing old friends up there will be Wonderful too. Plus low key Family time is going to be the Gift of Christmas to ME.
~My NIECE was born this week: AMELIE Rose Roquemore/8.3 pounds/20 1/2"/w a head FULL of dark hair. SO precious. I am obsessed w holding her. I want to be with her always. I must admit that I was pouting a little when I couldn't hold her. Glad she is close by (by close I mean one hour away). Going to have to invest in companies that make gas out of algae. I have full confidence that my Brother and his wife Lee Anne are going to make the best Parents. So proud.
~Started a Tumblr: Follow it here. It's so flippin easy. I don't know why I didn't start this years ago. Love the layout I found and the ease of posting.
~Watched Swing Kids. What a powerful/awesome movie.
~Had an incredible photoshoot this week. Friend Doug photoing, sick location (abandoned Pittsburg Paints shop), Model Paulina w the hotness & Intern - the fabulous Ashley making things go smoothly. THIS I remind myself is what I do this for.....and the giving of course :)
~Met the greatest girl this week. Paulina. Fast Friends and lots of good things to come. Find her fabulous blog here.
~Always hooked on Hype Machine. Find some new Music & Mashups.
~Been reading through Exodus. Tremendous exploits by none other than Jehovah. Dang. These stories are so powerful.
~Rainy weekend. Love it. Not too cold.
~Not quite sure what to make of Christmas this year. Different but good. Reminding myself of the Gift of Christ to me. Without Him I'd be Nothing.

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