Monday, September 6, 2010

Random: For Me.

Well look who I found today. A rare photo of a lovely lady.

~ IT's raining and I'm supposed to be swimming laps. But let's just say I don't feel like it. It just feels like a day for a blog.
~It labor Day and I was "Laboring" today. Which seem like such a farce to me. Because I often feel real work is manual labor and it's so far from what I do. I am forever grateful for that. I am also forever grateful to those who actually "Labor" on my behalf. I am happy for the person who rises at 5 am to milk the cows to bring me my 1% Organic Milk. I am grateful to to person who works at the plant to make me my recycled paper/toilet paper. I am thankful for the person who works at a hot mechanics shop and fixes my car when I need it. I am aware and humbled to the hundreds of real workers that founded this Great Nation. That must have taken everything they had in them and more.
~I do appreciate hard work and working with my hands, but I am glad that my job doesn't require me to do this 8 hours a day, day in and day out.
~I've been going through my itunes all day and deleting stuff I don't like/don't listen too. It is amazing how much music I have that I don't listen to/have forgotten. But at this moment the sounds of the rain and the wet cars driving by is seducing me.
~My parents are staying with me for a bit. And it's hilarious. They just take over whatever area they are in. It's just a whirlwind of stuff. It feels a little claustrophobic, but I can handle it. Also I am sleeping on the couch. Which makes me remember just how wonderful my bed is.
~IT's my friend Sean Even Day's Birthday today. 21 as it were. But it's like he's been 21 since he was 16. ha. In some ways.
~More than ever my friends are having kids. I held a sweet London Rose in my arms last night and just about melted. She was made by my friends Kirk and Brandi Michelle. She will return to work tomorrow and he will be a stay at home dad. This intrigues me so. I am looking forward to being a mom, but I don't know that I can handle it for 24 hours a day.
~Jana's Home and it just feels so right.
~I just added myself as following my own blog!? Ummm DUH?

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