Tuesday, April 20, 2010

30 for 30

Yes it's true. This little "looks like 21" is turning 30 years old. Wonderful and Splendid. Another year older and wiser. I certainly don't feel 30, although I look like I might be in High School, but sometimes I act like I'm 50. So just to take the guess work out of buying gifts for me (because I know this has been heavy on your mind) I have complied the most inclusive list ever. From Absolutely FREE things to things you could never afford. Choose one or more appropriately :)

1. 30 people to Donate $30 to charity: water.
2. An SUV. Preferably a Hybrid.
3. Vacation to Lucca, Italy.
4. $30 Gift Certificate to Big Wheel Provisions.
5. Hair Cut & Color.
6. 30 pounds of ice cream.
7. 30 Personal OPP Shopping Appointments.
8. A Day at the Beach with you.
9. $30 Gift Certificate to The Ravenous Pig.
10. One Boyfriend. No missing teeth please.
11. 30 one-on-one lunch or dinner dates with friends.
12. 30 people to donate $30 to LESPWA
13. A Full body massage.
14. A trip to go Snorkeling somewhere Good.
15. A Ticket to see Garrison Kellior Live
16. A Mannequin.
17. $30 to spend Thrifting
18. A dinner Party for 30 Dearest Friends.
19. A Dinner by the Lake with my Family.
20. Peter Roquemore to draw me something.
21. 30 people to make a homemade craft, letter or photograph pertaining to me.
22. Rosetta Stone in Italian, Spanish or French.
23. A Photographer to take a Roquemore Family Portrait.
24. A Ticket to Visit Crystal Ruth in Beijing.
25. A Pre-paid Missions Trip.
26. A Country Home for Restoration House.
27. Books on the Stars/Outer Space
28. A Ticket to see Kings of Leon, Lauryn Hill or Coldplay.
29. The Fruits of the Spirit.
30. Porch Time with YOU.


hunter said...

you look adorable in your 30 yo picture. although i wouldn't have expected you to want to go see garrison keilor, if you get that $30 ravenous pig- going there was my one goal in orlando and i never made it.

...plus im still single and have all my teeth. all but one. but i have a fake so it's cool.

happy birthday!

DanaMarie said...

Hunter!! Thank so much for the Birthday wishes. aaahhh MAN if/when you get back to Orlando you have to make a way to eat at The Ravenous Pig. It is incredible. AND do you Love Garrison Keilor as well!!?? I hope so.