Thursday, March 18, 2010

Please Watch.

This is from an email I got this week about the Recovery Efforts in Haiti. OPP finacially supports LESWPA an Orphanage in Haiti. Please watch the Video. It is VERY sobering.

"Thank You for your contributions to Lespwa Worldwide since the Earthquake that devastated Haiti in January.
We wanted to give you an update on what is happening in Haiti with our relief efforts and missionary staff.
Jeremy Schurke has made a video that takes a glimpse at the ongoing relief and recovery which includes
having transported 10 tons of food, water, gas, diesel and medical supplies from the Dominican Republic
to the orphanage compound in Messailler, Haiti. We could not have provided these supplies
without your financial contributions and we thank you for your partnership.
You can check it out the video by clicking on this link:
The Lespwa missionary staff has now returned to Haiti to continue to care for the orphans, school children and
people in the village of Messailler. On the ground they will continue to assess the ongoing relief and
recovery needs. We will continue to provide food, water, medical, and gas for people affected in the village as needed.

Also, in the aftermath of the earthquake, we will look at how we can care for more orphans, help get schools up and running, and help the people of Messailler begin to rebuild their homes and their lives."

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