Friday, July 31, 2009


--> A smattering of things going on in the last week or so-->

-- Hosted six New Zealanders at our house. Friend Jean and her Husband and his band. It felt like being in a Flight of the Concord episode. Which, naturally, was wonderful. Great peoples.
-- Grateful for friends near and far. Missing a certain MS. Bell.
-- Said good-bye to three good friends: Jordan (to China), Lauranne (Invisible Children) & Frank (to LA). Man it feels like a lot of people are moving out of Orlando. Good thing there are a lot of gems left.
-- Got some heavy family situations going on. I guess these are the things that make up life. Just wish I had an easy button for this stuff.
-- Nursing a bum knee. Need to find a pool.
-- Working on planning a vacation.
-- Working on Clothing Swap, which is a week from today.
-- A little obsessed with the song "Beautiful" on Phil Wickham's album Sing-A-Long. You can download it for FREE at
-- Around $100 donated to for my birthday. Stellar.
-- In search of the perfect curtains for my room. No luck yet.
-- Raining a lot here. Makes me want naps.
-- Paid $60 for a >15 minute doctor consultation. And that was the discounted price? Ouch.
-- Watched "Everything is Illuminated" for the 2nd time last night. If you haven't seen it, you really should.
-- Have to say goodbye tonight to new friend Teresa that lived with us for a month while doing a design internship with Relevant Magazine.....which is right down the road from our house. Enough of this goodbye stuff already.
-- Making more milkshakes than is necessary for one individual.
-- Feeling the absence of corporate worship. Need to remedy that.
-- Heard one of the best quotes of all times. "Ever since the moment I heard my first love story, I've searched for you." Dang. So true: with things above and below. Interested to see how my love story works out.

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