Thursday, April 2, 2009

Odds & Ends

~ God the Creator Lives within me. Sometimes I feel Him moving.

~  Bought Canon #3 yesterday. Hopefully 3rd one's the charm.  I hope this one sticks around for a while.  SO glad to have a camera's weirdly comforting.
~ Planet Earth & Sigur Ros Plus Chai Tea & Banana Bread last night with New Friends and Old.  Some of my favorite times ever. IT's popularity is growing.
~Started Esty site with these beautiful ladies. Been working a lot of getting things going.  I like this work.

~ Watching: Acting was impressive actually as I am not a Keira fan. Story intense, devastating & wilding interesting as it was based on a true story.  Very interesting to see the ways that women had to maneuver in life with limited rights. 

~ Listening: Ruining Manchester Orchestra's "I've Got Friends." Listen now:
~ Reading: Just started last night, but I quite like it so far.

~~~ I love my life, but anticipate HEAVEN~~~

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