Monday, February 2, 2009

"This is my doing"

These are words of God {1 Kings 12:24}  As I read this from Streams in the Desert it was a bit startling.  So many things in life, well all things in life are God's doing.  The allowance for hard times are God's doing.  They bumper us back into God.  The gifts of joy are God's doing.  They allow us to realize/feel His Love for us. " 'This is my doing.'  I am the God of circumstances.  You did not come to this place by accident--you are exactly where I meant for you to be."  This I find hard to believe.  I am not in the place that I think or want to be.  But God has me exactly where He wants me to be?  I so frequently forget God is enamored with me.  Looking at me through Jesus with fierce love in His eyes and He is not impatient.  I am not satisfied with where I am, but God has me exactly where I am for a reason.  God knows what it is. Not I. That is for sure.  Life has been moderately good as of late, but I am so curious to know why He does things.  I know that I have seen God in the hindsight of my life, but I want to know now what it is He is up to?  I had a conversation with a friend today about this and it is quite unbelievable that God still wants to know me.  Even my life is not even on the radar in the vast vast universe.  Our whole planet is about the size of a quarter in our galaxy "The Milky Way."  Yet He is concerned with the minutiae of my life. These things of life are God's doing.  How we respond to them is our doing.  The thing that gives hope is that God is there to give assurance and encouragement when we are wise to His understanding or help pick up the pieces of "our doing" when we follow our own understanding.  HE is the only steady thing of this life.

Jesus I am so grateful for your doing in my life.  Thank you for always reminding me of you.

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