Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well Hawai'i  came and went so very fast.  I was there for only four days.  

High Lights:
~ Got a roundtrip ticket and flew First Class to Hawai'i for taking a later flight from LAX.
~ Saw Pharrell Williams in LAX.
~ The weather was perfect.  I thought it was going to be too cold.
~ Hotel Renew was amazing. Tres Chic and one block from the ocean.
~ Snorkeled and swam with sea turtles and many beautiful fish.
~ Literally felt like I was on LOST.
~ Went off roading and saw some fantastic parts of Oahu.
~ Hawai'i sunsets.
~ Through an interesting series of events I got my phone & wallet Back!
~ Saw God protect us.

Low Lights:
~ Almost missed my flight.  Set my alarm for 4:38pm instead of am.
~ Still adjusting to new position at work.
~ So very grateful to be in Hawai'i, but Honolulu is a city and very crowded from the Pro Bowl.
~ About lost my life over a cliff.
~ Lost my blue Kukoi, a very thin towel, made in Kenya.  It was given to me by a friend over ten years ago. 
~ Wish I had someone to share Hawai'i with.
~ Through an interesting series of events I got my phone, wallet, ipod & camera stolen.  Thus no pictues of my own to post here.

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