Thursday, August 5, 2010


You have not because you ask not. So I asked and I got LOTS of things I love for my Birthday:

~An extravagant Dinner at the Ravenous Pig (Got the steak)*
~Donation to Charity Water.*
~Donation to LESPWA*
~Hour and a half massage by Sonny Vong*
~Hour massage at Massage Envy from Jenn Jana*
~Cut & Color by Kimberly Ton*
~A ridiculous amount at Renew Salon and Spa by Sarah Kuele*
~Loads of Ice Cream (My party was wonderful and now my freezer is packed with it!)*
~A wireless printer
~Money for Thrifting from Lisa Milton, Mandy and Meghan*
~CS4 from John and Lee Anne. I am still so excited about this!
~The MOST beautiful Outer Space book you have ever seen COSMOS from Jana*
~Upcoming meal at Ravenous Pig with Summer!*
~30 Mangos from of which graced my smoothie this morning
~Lots of Shopping Appointments (not quite 30 though)*
~Some of my favorite candies: Heath bars, Swedish Fish, Andes Mints.
~Shopping spree at Big Wheel: Charmula, pita crisps, crustini, mango compete, Blueberry topping, and lots more. Big Thanks to Tony Adams.*
~Ginger Snaps and cool whip, a fancy ice cream bowl and precious help from Devin!!
~A home cooked Dinner & time with Jaclyn.*
~Cupcake date w Kobin (almost) Van Lenten!*
~Supposedly getting Rosetta Stone in French from Mr. Sean Dey! Ne peut pas attendre cela.
~7 Vintage Plaques of Vogue covers, which I am completely in LOVE with from Jenn Domeck.
~A lovely picture holder from Danielle and Sam Teran.
~The Biggest bottle of Kalula that you've ever seen.
~A Lovely Bday invite graphic Brian Kenney!!
~Vintage item from Miss Whitney Brammer.
~And one of my MOST favorite gifts: a decadent meal by Jamie/Vance Kite. So mouthwatering. Just what I wanted.*
~A dinner Party with Family and just few friends. It was just perfect. Followed by MORE friends and Dancing w amazing DJing by Brian Jr.*

Things I would still like to receive:

*Things I received from my 30 for 30 list

For all of these things and more I am truly blessed.

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