Tuesday, May 18, 2010

These Days:

` I wish I were at the MAGIC game right now.
` I have been Extremely tired for about a week now.
` Working by myself is starting to catch up with me sometimes. I do not for one moment wish I were back at my old job, but working with people would be nice.
` I am going to go to South Florida for a whole three and a half days. Beach time and ALOT of OPP buying. I just keep wishing it were the end of the month. This is not a good way of living life. But I just can't wait.
` I am going to Chicago. Woot. That can't come soon enough.
` It's baby town around here. So far I have counted 10 women whom are with child. Sheesh.
` Including my Sister in Law!! I am going to an AUNT. This is crazy. So soon, but I am SO excited.
` 31,557,600 seconds are alloted to us every year. I hope I am making the most of every single one of them.
` Got some OPP events coming up that I am looking forward to.
` Getting ready for the OPP blog. It is taking WAY long than expecting. I have to let go of frustration when I think about it.
` Continue to have good and tough days. Challenges never cease it seems.
` A friend of mine's mom is dying. I can't even imagine that feeling. Prayers are with him.
` Video games do not interest me whatsoever.
` I've become Obsessed with Outer Space.
` The Grace and Mercy of God never ceases to amaze me.

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