Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In the Moment....

IT's quite different to blog about something that is in the moment. IT's usually an upcoming event or something that has past. BUT I just finished with the Fashion Show. And What grace God has given me. I sweated to death during the speaking part of it, but I think all the words came out fairly decent. That was the consensus anyway. God imparted energy and strength coming off a long month of traveling, work, preparing and personal stuff. He gave me confidence through His peace, which was my verse from this morning's Streams in the Desert....."In me.....Peace" John 16:33

It's amazing when you step out of your comfort zone to be a reflection of Him. He prepares and follows through.

I am truly blessed.

(Now onto two days of vacation in Savannah. But not before laundry, unpacking, packing, library, bank, cleaning, etcerta)

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